French developer, my passion is to develop any type of website and give color in the world of Internet. My name is Thomas and I am 22 years old. Being formerly Google Addict, I was able to discover another world, where privacy is reserved and protected. I now strive to use the right tools and limit any kind of sharing of personal and professional information.

A small presentation is necessary before scrolling the page. I like to read and watch series/movies, especially thrillers, mystical and fantastic. I especially love what is real life and not an image projected to deceive you. I like debating about free activities, let's agree, the world is not really on the same level. I love computers, web development and design has to be clean otherwise I have a tic to start from scratch. I fully support privacy and web neutrality.

I often take part in Open Source projects as well as some Hackathons on the net. Since 2018, I moderate some well known #tags on DEV.to. Feel free to have a look at my profile.

At the moment I consider myself a front-end developer since I mainly practice CSS and SCSS, but I often tinker with servers, robots and a little bit all kind of projects as themes, always fascinated to discover new things.

I listen to a loooot of music, whether it's to motivate me in my work, to blossom or for my long walks. I choose Spotify as my music streaming platform because the playlists I've made for me are of very good quality, and I can't do without the radio system, which is a pure miracle when you think about it!

My Spotify space

Since I spend a lot of time on Spotify, I've set up a system that creates playlists for me each month and adds the songs I've liked. The Last.Favorited playlist lists pretty much all the music I've loved over the past few years, and is synced with my likes on Last.fm.

What I do (principaly)

My job is to create and promote websites, to give it a unique look and make it attractive. What fascinates me the most is the evolution of this one through time, seeing the design change and the technologies evolve.

Website creation
Share with the world and give visibility to a new project on the entire Internet network. This is the power of a website. In addition to having its own design, it is also the best way to stand out in beauty.
Natural referencing
Appear in the first search results by optimizing the SEO as much as possible. It is essential for the website to be visited.


What I'm most comfortable

I'm familiar with web languages, lately I'm learning VueJS and NuxtJs. I also do WordPress from time to time.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Git MaterializeCSS Lets Encrypt Apache2 WordPress NodeJS VueJs NuxtJS


GitHub Profile
Thomas Bnt GitHub profile
Thomas Bnt
Follow me on GitHub, I've got 49 public repositories to which you can contribute and 111 followers. I use 6.30 Mo at this moment.
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My experiences are posted on my Polywork. You'll find everything I've done on a project level, but also on a professional level.

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