You can see some of my projects here. You'll find a bit of everything, websites, robots of all kinds, scripts, and Open Source.

Splash Everyday banner

Splash Everyday

Splash Everyday is a simple Discord bot who you can request some beautiful pictures come from Unsplash ! So you'll only find photos in HD quality and various colours!

Mr. Robøt banner

Mr. Robøt

Protect your Discord community servers with a fully automated robot. Spend less time moderating insults.

Gate banner


Find what you want without wasting time and preserve your privacy. Gate has shortcut buttons for faster searching with DuckDuckGo. So you have the possibility to use the !bang commands.

Awesome Web Monetization banner

Awesome Web Monetization

Stuffs about Web Monetization. Packages, articles, documentation links and others tools. Web Monetization is a web service that allows you to send money directly in your browser.

Bord Pi banner

Bord Pi

Bord Pi is a Discord bot that runs on the Discord API and the Discord.js package, configured for the "Coin du Cappu'" Discord server. However, you can easily set it up your own way for your own server.